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Personal Knowledge Management

Last updated Nov 14, 2022

Going forward, I want my new PKM to be scalable, because critical infrastructure should be scalable.

Moreover, a PKM should also have a goal. Our relationship with information should be focused and goal-oriented. We want it to help us. Otherwise, it’s just decoration.

To those ends, my goal with this PKM is to create a flexible framework for learning that will help me advance faster in the mastery of the skills that matter to me, and keep me mentally agile as I grow older.

# How?

Just do it! Start taking notes and linking anything that you think is important. Use your judgement.

Where the actual nuts and bolts are concerned (infrastructure), this time around I’m going to use a very loose infrastructure and let the real structure emerge naturally from connections.

This also has the benefit of reducing Friction, which is really important in getting me to do stuff.

# Only a few folders

  1. Source Notes
    • This is where the literature notes go
  2. Notes
    • All concept notes and MOCs
  3. Media
  4. Templates

Templates are extremely simple, with minimal meta-data. I will be using tags in order to do any categorizing and such for individual notes. Two templates:

  1. Source Note
  2. Concept

# Index of Files

from #on/knowledge-management 

(If you’re on web you prob can’t see that index – checkout #on/knowledge-management )