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Raising Your Ceiling

Last updated Nov 14, 2022

source_link: https://blog.nateliason.com/p/ceiling people: Nat Eliason

# Highlights

But more importantly, those rituals proved to you that you were an adult. Navigating great challenges earns you the confidence to handle whatever life throws at you.

We all have a ceiling on what we believe we are capable of. The more we push that ceiling up, the more competent we perceive ourselves to be. You get stronger when you push your strength to its limits. Your art improves by pushing it in new directions. Your relationships improve by stressing them. A life without these struggles may be easy, but is easy what we want? Treading water in a comfortable mediocrity, wondering why we aren’t going anywhere?

# Summary

In this article, Nat Eliason explains how we can raise our ceiling, or the limit of what we think we are capable of. He argues that identity capital is important, and that Initiation Rituals can help young adults gain confidence to handle life’s challenges. He also argues that the only way to grow is to push your comfort zone.