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Choose Your Table Wisely

Last updated Nov 14, 2022

::source_link: https://blog.nateliason.com/p/table-selection ::people: Nat Eliason

The table you play in determines scope of play and the difficulty you’ll have to play in.

Has an effect on happiness too. If you start going to the gym and compare yourself to bodybuilders you’ll get discouraged quickly.

In order to improve in a Craft or skill, you have to be in a table of people who are slightly ahead of you in some regard. This is a core component of Deliberate Practice. You need to push your comfort zone.

# Highlights

that’s the kind of table I love looking for. One where you have some chance of winning, but not unless you try your hardest. And one where the stakes and potential winnings are much greater than you could achieve at a smaller, easier table. 

Where are you comparing yourself against people overly similar to you instead of setting your sights on a bigger table? What small table are you sitting at that you should have moved on from ages ago?

# Summary

Table selection is an important concept in Poker, and it is just as important in life. You need to choose a table that’s challenging, but not too hard. You want to make sure the stakes are high and the potential rewards are great. Avoid comparing yourself to people who are overly similar to you, and instead look for bigger tables with more opportunity. Doing so will help you to push your comfort zone and improve your skills in whatever craft or skill you are pursuing.